Software: Linux Support for myUTN Product Family!

We are very happy to announce the Linux version of our SEH UTN Manager software tool! It makes all of our myUTN USB products available in Linux environments easily and securely. This software tool is now available for free download on the SEH[more]

Software: New – Mac Support For myUTN Product Family!

We are very happy to present the Mac OS X version of our UTN Manager software tool! It makes all our myUTN USB device servers available in Apple environments easily and securely. And what is best: This software tool is available for free download[more]

Software: New Software Update 1.5.8 for UTN Manager

We would like to let you know that there is a new software update for the UTN Manager, our software tool for the efficient management of our myUTN product family for USB virtualization.[more]

Software: New ISD Software with ISD Printer Driver Wizard Update

We have released a new software version for our ISD Intelligent Spooling Devices, i.e. the ISD300 models, ISD400 and ISD410.[more]

New Software Release for TPR-10 ThinPrint Reader

A new software version, 14.0.19, is of now available for our TPR-10 ThinPrint Reader! The most obvious change for users is that the "User-ID" on the RFID card is no longer rendered in uppercased and hyphenated form (e.g., "AB-CD-EF-GH"). [more]

Service Release For SEH Analytics

There is a new service release for SEH Analytics available![more]

Software: New Version of SEH UTN Manager With New Features!

The UTN Manager, our management software for all of our myUTN products, has been upgraded to a new version with interesting new features.[more]

Software Update for USB Device Servers and UTN Manager

Keep your myUTNs updated with this new software release.[more]

Software: New Updates for USB Device Servers

New updates for our USB device servers are now ready for download! In addition to new firmware we have treated our UTN Manager with a major update (version 1.4.12) as well! This enables you to manage SEH USB device servers even more easily and[more]

Press Review: Secure Printing in the Network – A Review from MIDRANGE-Magazine

We are not growing tired emphasizing the importance of secure printing in networks. This is one of the reasons why we continually enhance and improve the security features of our products. [more]

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