NEW: SEH Analytics – The manufacturer-independent analysis tool for the optimization of your printer pool

Did you know, that a lot of companies have no knowledge about their printing costs? Besides, not only direct costs, such as paper and toner, contribute to printing[more]

Update for ThinPrint .print – Version 8.6: SEH Products are compatible

The new 8.6 version of ThinPrint software will soon be available. It has many new features that enhance your printing possibilities. Version 8.6 contains expanded[more]

Tech?Update!: VLAN = Virtual Local Area Network

Nowadays company networks are not only connected within a certain location, but can also be interconnected worldwide. For network infrastructures that cover very large geographic areas, VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) makes sense. Departments and[more]

Update for myUTN-Series

SEH has updated the myUTN series software. We offer a firmware update for all myUTN products and a software update specifically for the SEH UTN Manager.[more]

ISD-Update: Major Release

New features and improvement for the Intelligent Spooling Devices[more]

Dongle Management: Unique Options With myUTN-80!

The myUTN-80 dongle server offers you many new ways to operate and manage your dongles most efficienty and easily:[more]

New: SEH UTN Manager With New Functions!

We have updated our SEH UTN-Manager for our myUTN USB device servers! Users now have several ways to deactivate connected USB devices via the new version [more]

Product Update: Full Support of Windows 7!

Since the release of Windows 7 last year this new version of the Microsoft operating system Windows continues its success. Contrary to its predecessor Vista, experts' opinions are mostly positive about Windows 7 with little to criticize. This helps[more]

Update: New Software Version for TPGs

We have updated the software of our ThinPrint Gateways TPG60 and TPG120. The new software version 10.2.10 includes two new relevant features:[more]

Service Tipp: WPA/WPA2 Mixed Mode for SEH PS WLAN Print Servers

The SEH WLAN print servers of the PS series, PS54a-G and the new HP interface card PS56, utilize the highly secure WLAN encryption standards WPA and WPA2. Some of the currently available access points in the market, e.g. by CISCO, 3COM, LinkSys[more]