New: TPR-11 ThinPrint Reader for More Frequency Ranges

The ThinPrint Reader TPR-10, a hardware-based authentication solution for Cortado's pull printing solution, Personal Printing, has been around a while now and is tried and proven. It is compatible with all common standards for RFID smart cards. Now[more]

Tech?Update: Pull Printing

Secure network printing is an issue that remains pressing as there are always confidential or business-critical data which needs to travel safely from a user's PC to the paper tray of a printer. Even if the data transfer is well-protected from the[more]

Channel: Product of the Month – Complete Pull Printing Solution with TPR-10!

The TPR-10 ThinPrint Reader for confidential pull printing is our product of the month and will be available at a special price for our distribution partners and resellers throughout the hopefully golden October. This authentication hardware makes[more]

Channel: TPR-10 Starterpack – Instant Access to Pull Printing!

We have tied a great bundle with Cortado for new Cortado customers: the TPR-20 Starter Pack for secure and cost-efficient pull printing! It includes our ThinPrint Reader TPR-10, five Smartcards and a Personal Printing annual license for five users[more]

SEH et Cortado offrent un starter kit pour l’entrée immédiate dans le Pull Printing sécurisé

Pour tout achat d’un boitier ThinPrintReader TPR-10 de SEH, les nouveaux clients de Cortado reçoivent une licence gratuite du logiciel Personal Printing pour cinq utilisateurs.[more]

SEH and Cortado Offer Bundle for Instant Access to Secure Pull Printing

Customers new to Cortado receive free Personal Printing licence for five users upon purchase of SEH ThinPrint Reader TPR-10[more]

New Software Release for TPR-10 ThinPrint Reader

A new software version, 14.0.19, is of now available for our TPR-10 ThinPrint Reader! The most obvious change for users is that the "User-ID" on the RFID card is no longer rendered in uppercased and hyphenated form (e.g., "AB-CD-EF-GH"). [more]

Do you know? ThinPrint Reader TPR-10 is Ready For Use in Cortado Corporate Server v6!

The latest update of Cortado's business solution for mobile device management, Cortado Corporate Server 6.0, includes ThinPrint Personal Printing Essentials, a secure pull printing solution. So our RFID-based TPR-10 ThinPrint Reader is the perfect[more]

Review: Interesting SEH Debut at NIAS 2012

NIAS 2012, the NATO Information Assurance Symposium, took place in Mons, Belgium, last month and proved to be a very interesting event for first-time exhibitors SEH and Cortado. As was to be exptected, security was a big issue., and so was safe[more]

SEH Exhibits Again At IP EXPO 2012 In London

SEH Technology UK shows USB device servers and network printing solutions[more]

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